Chemo is over!

Just finished my last treatment after 4 months of chemo with cisplatin & etoposide.  Still feeling pretty nauseous but the compazine has helped but may try some zofran today.  I have usually only been nauseous for a couple days after treatment but this time it seems to be lasting longer.  I wonder if it's just kind of cumulative after 4  treatments every 3-4 weeks?  Now I just have to wait until the end of August for a repeat CT/MRI to confirm that there is no remaining trace of cancer left. I think the long wait will be to have my hair start growing back in a couple months.  I know it sounds pretty lame, but after all the surgery and chemo, hair loss has been the most humiliating aspect of having cancer for me.  Walking around this summer with head wraps and hats is like wearing a large neon sign that says "I'm bald and have cancer". I am thankful that my chemo is short-lived and blessed that the cancer is supposed to be gone.....

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Hair means so much to us. I know that really bothered my cousin. Did you get yourself a nice wig? Glad its over. Now enjoy the rest of the summer :)
Thank you. No I didn't buy a wig but did have one from our local cancer society that I chose. It just never felt right. It was synthetic and looked like a Halloween wig LOL. I could have spent 400.-500. on a real hair wig but for 4-5 months I felt it wasn't worth it....
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So glad that is over for you. Must be a huge relief. I never went through chemo so I don't really know about hair loss. But I do think that as soon as I see someone with a scarf on their head. I wonder if they are going through cancer. I hope they are okay. And once you want your hair to grow. I swear then it takes so long. Have a fantastic day.
This is great news and with no lymph node involvement you will probably be free and clear of cancer. My father had a small spot on his lung that was cancer and it was removed. It never came back. He was 65 and lived until 88 and did not die of cancer. I am wishing you the same success, but may you live until 98.

Now your job is to get on with life. You go girl.
Thanks for the encouragement. The Dr.'s said I was cancer free after my surgery so the chemo was just an "insurance policy" for the future!
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